Unfortunately I wasn't feeling good yesterday so for most of the day I hung out in the room while James did his own thing. I'm pretty disappointed as this was my favourite island of our trip.

Today we are off on a ferry to Phuket, our last stop before heading home. Im still not feeling so well this morning so we waited for the very last minute before we checked out. Our ferry left at 2pm and we had to be checked out at 11am. So for most of the day we waited on a front step of a building. We probably could have put a cup out in front of us because we looked so much like hobos. We got on the one and a half hour ferry until we docked at Phuket. We decided to take a minibus as a taxi would be nearly 850 BHT while the bus was only 250 BHT.
I was really looking forward to this hotel. We decided to go all out since it is our two last nights in Thailand. So, we booked a gorgeous hotel, our room even comes with a private pool! It's perfect.
My sickness seemed to be getting worse as soon as we got here, so we decided to order room service instead of going out. I really wanted to explore Phuket but I just don't think my stomach is going to allow it.


I've decided to end my blog here as I've chosen to stay on bed rest until we leave for home tomorrow.
Thailand has really been an incredible experience. It was the true test of James and I's relationship, and we didn't end up killing each other so I'd say we did pretty good! I think we've learned a lot about each other and come to realize just how much we rely on one another. I wouldn't have wanted to experience this with anyone else.
Thailand's culture is so fascinatingly different, and the scenery is absolutely stunning. The mountains and the jungles almost don't even look real. Everything about this place is tropical and cheerful. Any nature loving hippies out there, this is your destination to paradise. We did a lot of beach going, a lot of nature walking and a lot wildlife watching. It was a very relaxing holiday, and very cheap too, I must say! I'm so fortunate to have gotten to experience such a unique country, and I hope every gets a chance to indulge in this culture.
It's seems that every time I visit a new place in this world I come home with a new perspective of life. It opens up my eyes to see that the meaning of "home" is so different to everyone. It especially makes me appreciate where I come from. No matter how beautiful or unique a new city or town is, I'm always grateful for where I grew up.

If you're reading this blog post, it probably means you've read through my entire blog, and for that, I say thank you! I started travel blogs so that it was an easy way for my family to know about my days abroad, but it's turned in to so much more than that. I really appreciate all the comments and people who followed along!
I'm sure there will be many more of these blogs to come :)


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