This morning we had a ferry booked to take us back to Koh Samui. We changed our original plans after hearing such good things about the islands on the other side of Thailand. Koh Samui is the only island on the East side that has an airport so we had to travel back over, which was fine as it is only a 30 minute ferry we thought.

Our taxi ride took a little longer then we had expected so when we got out, the workers were shouting at us to hurry up as we ran down the pier. We jumped onto the ferry just before they put the ramp away! The ferry ride was going great, until we pulled into shore. Just as we were pulling into the dock our boat drove right into a different ferry that was pulled into the dock. I'm not sure if the captain tried to put the breaks on fast or just what, but a huge thick cloud of black exhaust quickly started to fill the entire ferry. Everyone started to run to the front of the boat to escape the fumes. It took a good 20 minutes to move the boat back to the loading ramp, all the workers were using ropes and shouting, it was a little nerve wracking.

I took a big sigh of relief after my feet hit the dock. We walked over to the taxi area and got into a car. Our flight leaves tomorrow for the West side of Thailand so we booked a pretty cheap hotel. I made sure there was a beach as James is itching to use his beloved goggles. Luckily our hotel is on "Crystal Bay", a perfect spot to look into the water.

As soon as we got to the hotel we grabbed a drink from the bar and headed straight to the beach. This beach is beautiful with large rocks and clear water. James ended finding lots of striped fish and even a fairly large crab. At one point James picked up a handful of sand and in it was a tiny white crab crawling on his fingers! We ended up spending the entire afternoon out on the beach. After I stepped on a piece of coral and took a big gash out of my foot, we decided to go inside to get ready for dinner.

We had plans to walk to specific restaurant but with the sudden rain we stayed at our hotel to eat. We had the usual, Pad Thai.

Once the rain stopped we were both craving some sweets so we walked to the nearest Family Mart and stocked up on chips and chocolate for the night. We've turned on a movie and we're calling it a night!


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