Krabi Day 2


This morning we woke to the sounds of torrential down pour. Luckily it stopped just in time for the kayak trip we had booked the night before.
A Thai man picked us up at 9am, he put us in the box of his truck as he drove. He was so excited to see us, he told us that he hadn't had business in a month because it's the low season, it was so nice to hear someone speak good English.
When we got there, we realized that it was his house. His wife and two year old son were there to greet us with smiles. The little boy was adorable, it was weird having him talk to us in Thai and not being able to talk back to him. Thai people are so friendly and love to talk!
The man, Paul, gave us some waters and we were off. He asked to take our camera so he could take pictures of us, it was only the three of us so it was basically like our own private tour!
We started off by going up a wide river, mangrove trees covered the sides. We weren't even ten minutes into the trip when we swerved because we were heading into vines and ended up ten centimetres away from flipping. The vine didn't get us, but it got James's sunglasses and the water swallowed them up.
He didn't have time to be upset though, we looked over and saw wild monkeys swinging through the vines of the jungle. There was about four of them, all of them they sat still as soon as they saw us. It was a moment where it reminded me, wow I am really in Thailand.
We continued on, the river got narrower and narrower until we were able to reach out and touch either ends of the shore line. The sky was filled with steep cliffs and mountains that were absolutely breathtaking. It looked like there could be a whole different world on top of them.
We stopped once we got to a rickety wooden bridge that connected us to a cave. We walked across it, every step we took hoping it wouldn't cave in. We climbed up a ladder made out of branches and then discovered the cave. It was soooo beautiful, I've never seen anything like that before. There were even a couple paintings on the side of it from thousands of years ago. The mosquitos were pretty bad so Paul lit a fire so that the smoke would keep them away. We went in pretty deep and saw the bat caves. It was full of stalagmites and lime stone.
Once we were done exploring we paddled back to Pauls house. He was so kind and even drove us back to our hotel.
One thing I kept forgetting to mention is the amount of stray dogs in Thailand. We haven't seen any extremely malnourished ones, but they literally will lie in the middle of the street. It's so strange to see, they won't come near you, they act so wild.
We got into the pool so fast once we got back. The heat here is so humid and sticky feeling. Almost as soon as you walk outside you feel soggy. There's a few pesky mosquitos here too!

We walked along the boardwalk of the beach afterwards, admiring the cliffs and mountains. We stopped at a market on the way back so James could buy a new pair of sunglasses and I bought a few souvenirs. We tried our our bartering skills, but I have to say, we aren't very good!
We made it back to the hotel just in time as a huge storm came for about an hour. We watched out the windows as we played an exciting game of solitaire..haha.
Once the rain stopped we went to a restaurant for dinner and called it a day. The day seemed to fly by! We're off to an island tomorrow morning!


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