Koh Phangan


We woke up today feeling a little frugal, I guess. We decided to find a local grocery store to make something for breakfast, rather than go to a restaurant. We lucked out big time as there was actually one only a block from where we live. It was a fairly big grocery store, it even had a Dunkin Doughnuts inside. We explored the grocery store and all the different items that they sold. We bought a few snacks and some things for breakfast.

Once we got back from the grocery store we put away all of our clothes that were hung to dry from the night before. We had decided to wash them in the sink with a couple Tide packets to save some money.

We ate some cereal for breakfast and then set out to find a scooter to rent for the day. We found out our hotel actually rented them, for only $7 CAD a day! That scooter was the best decision we had made all trip! It was so much fun! Between James racing motocross and my Papa who had taught me a few things, we caught on pretty quick!
We explored the whole island, stopping when we found a shop that looked neat or beach that looked pretty. We eventually stopped at a little outside sports bar for a drink and some fries. James tried to tell me he was too cool for the helmet, but don't worry Darlene, I made sure he kept it glued to his noggin.
Around 4:30pm we learned that there was a night market happening on one of the main roads, so we drove over to check it out. They had blocked off the entire street and it was filled with little food and souvenir stands. It was so cool to walk around and smell the different flavours of all the food, and look at all the little trinkets. We stopped at a stand that was making homemade ice cream rolls. I picked my flavour, strawberries and bananas and she chopped it up and it began to freeze over the cold surface. It tasted so fresh! Trying new things is what traveling is all about!

We drove over to another food market on a different street in hopes of finding dinner. Although the there was lots to choose from, we chickened out. The food stands look a little dirty and we weren't too sure where the food was coming from, so we decided to go back to the hotel for dinner.

We felt pretty sweaty from the day so we hoped in the pool before we headed to the restaurant. We had been talking about pizza for a while so we switched it up from the original Thai food and ate a plain old cheese pizza for dinner. And boy did it hit the spot.

We have no plans for tomorrow so we're going to wing it!


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