En Route to Thailand


Hey! Welcome to another one of my travel diaries! Ready to learn some of the tricks of the trade in a very popular destination spot? I traded the cobblestone streets in Europe for the rainforests in sunny Thailand... Embark this journey with me and follow along as I post daily updates!

Well we finally made it through what seems like the longest day of our lives. I think we were chasing the sun around the earth today! We were on the go at 6:30am. With 28 hours of flying/layovers, I'm finally laying in a Bangkok bed in total satisfaction.
Today began quite smoothly, we made it to Vancouver with ease. We didn't exchange our money until we got to the airport. There is no fee at most airports so it's definitely worth it to wait. We picked up our connecting plane tickets and even had time to grab a snack before heading onto our 10 hour flight. I really had no idea how long 10 hours stuck in a plane seat could really be, thank god for headphones and some good music! From being fed less than mediocre rice and chicken not once but twice, and experiencing severe butt cramps, we probably weren't looking so happy and cheerful.
We walked onto the tarmac in Beijing relieved that we had survived the flight, unfortunately for James this is where his day went downhill. We're not sure if it was a combination of him being sleep deprived and not eating properly or just a bug, but hey, not many people can say they've puked in the Beijing Airport.. Right? I can only imagine the shock on my face when James looked at me in the middle of the airport with his hands covering his mouth and his face pale white.
We quickly realized that the airport in Beijing is full of clothing stores and basically zero places to grab a quick bite to eat. It was the strangest thing, so plan ahead and eat before you go to the Beijing airport! I stood at the counter of a small coffee shop to pay for two waters but before I knew it James had darted to the bathroom with the water and my bank cards happened to not be working. With only baht (Thai money) in my wallet, I had no way to pay for the water James had taken. With the cashier speaking minimal English, I'm sure he thought I was stealing the water as I went to find James to come back and pay. Bangkok Airport = a bust.
After all of the fiascos in Beijing we were ready to finally get on the plane to Bangkok. And boy did we ever pass out fast on the plane. We landed in Bangkok and stopped at a little food market to buy a snack (noodle bowls), and found our hotel shuttle waiting for us. As soon as we walked outside the humidity struck our bodies like a brick wall. The heat is absolutely insane, we had no idea, and it was midnight! I can't imagine it tomorrow at during the day!


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