Bangkok Day 2


This morning started a little early for 3:30am early. We just can't seem to get our bodies synced to the time change yet. So yet again we waited for the sun to shine through our little hostel room window. We showered and headed down to 7-eleven around 8am. Cream soda and Mr. Noodles for breakfast today!

Afterwards we gathered our things and said goodbye to the worlds cutest hostel. We strapped our backpacks on and headed for the airport rail link, which happened to be very close. This rail link is super easy to find, it's in all the hotspots of the city and is way cheaper than taking a taxi to the airport.
We got to the airport in no time, everything seemed to fall in place perfectly. We stopped for lunch before boarding our 45 minute plane trip. The plane company, Thai Airlines, was amazing! The ride was so short but they even gave everyone a complimentary snack, sort of like a large pizza pop. We decided that it was definitely well worth the money for the short flight rather than taking a bus and ferry for 8 hours.

The views were incredible flying onto the island, it is so hilly and covered in exotic trees. We both are so excited to be out of the city. Koh Samui's airport is very small. The roof is made out of some type of straw and looks very exotic.
We booked a hotel at a resort this time because it was extremely cheap. The airport shuttle stood at holding a sign with our names on it. We hopped into his vehicle as he drove us to the resort. We quickly noticed that the island is covered in scooters and noodle stores!

We were a little hesitant about the resort as it seemed too good to be true. But when we arrived, we were pleasantly surprised. It is BEAUTIFUL here! We have our own private bungalow just a few steps away from the beach and pool. Everything is decorated so rustically, it feels very homey and modern. The best part is the happy hour deal, two for one cocktails everyday and hey you can't go wrong with that!

We walked around the resort for a bit before accidentally having a nap. Now we're trying to stay awake as long as possible so that we can hopefully sleep in later tomorrow!


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