Today we finally slept in till about 7:30, so I think we're staring to get on the right track. We were both very excited for the continental breakfast as the reviews on Trip Advisor were excellent. We got up and walked outside to where the restaurant is, perfectly situated outside over looking the ocean. Trip Advisor was right, because the breakfast was filled with so many choices, plus it was delicious! We sat staring off into the ocean drinking coffee while admiring the view.
Nothing too exciting happened today. We decided to stay at the resort to hang out by the pool and the ocean. After lathering up with sunscreen we set out to find a lounge chair on the beach. We weren't laying out long before it became too hot so we jumped in the water. The ocean is so warm that it almost doesn't cool you off.
We walked along the beach, where James decided that it was his duty to pick up every. single. piece. of garbage he saw. Long romantic walks on the beach? Not for us!
Later we had some lunch and a few drinks and sat by the pool. With happy hour, our drinks ended being only $2 CAD!

After coming in to grab a bottle of water, I realized that I somehow missed putting sunscreen on one half of my entire leg. Its covered in red blotchy patches and the more I thought about it, the more painful it got!

Luckily the day was ending so I sat in the shade before we had dinner. We both tried the Pad Thai which was UNREAL, and I'm probably going to order that every day now. A Thailand staple!

Now, we're making a plan for tomorrow before bed as its our last full day on Samui.


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