Koh Phangan Day 4


We loved this hotel so much that we decided to book it for another night yesterday. It was a slow start this morning as I think we were still sulking from the night before. We had the scooter for two more hours this morning before we had to return it so we took it to go get breakfast (AKA Dunkin' Doughnuts). After continuous whining that he did not have goggles, we HAD TO stop at a little shop to buy James his goggles. His mood went from about a 4 to a 10 after he got those goggles in his hands.

We got back to the hotel in the afternoon and decided today was going to be a spa day. We had heard so many great things about the traditional Thai Massage so we decided to try it for ourselves. Our hotel has a beautiful spa so we booked an appointment for the late afternoon.

The spa was beautiful, it was designed to feel like you were in a basement of a temple. They started off by giving us a salty tea and then took us into the massage room. A Thai massage focuses on acupressure. The masseuses were pretty intense, they were standing on the table and using their feet. We felt awesome afterwards though! They gave us a cleansing spicy ginger drink before we left.

We headed straight for one last dinner at the restaurant afterwards. James had the Pad Thai and I tried a skewered chicken. We ended the dinner with dessert. We weren't too sure what we ordered as the server just listed desserts off in a very thick Thai accident. We ended up with a whole coconut filled with hot coconut juice and bananas. It was...different.

After dinner walked along the beach while the sun was setting. We ended up finding a sand bar that led us far out into the ocean. We followed it the entire way and we were even able to spot some fish along the way.

We woke up this morning with sore throats, so it's early to bed for us tonight to hopefully sleep it off!


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