This morning we started the day off with breakfast and then we were headed for the airport. We were headed for Krabi, a place on the West shore line of Thailand. Little did we know, our flight was delayed over an hour and we had already arrived two hours earlier. The lady who checked our bags in with was very apologetic and gave us a 300 BHT food voucher while we waited. We walked into some of the stores to kill time. Once we got hungry for lunch we went into a little restaurant called The Blue Elephant. We both had fried rice and a watermelon drink.

After what felt like forever, it was finally time to board the plane. They brought us to our plane by shuttle, I looked outside and saw a very tiny propeller plane. Anyone who knows me, knows that I definitely had a mini panic attack. The flight was less than an hour so I pulled myself together and walked onto the plane. I'm not sure if it's a Thailand thing, but it doesn't matter how long your flight is, they serve you full course meal no matter what. Our bellies were stuffed.

We arrived at Krabi and were picked up by our hotels shuttle. We got to the hotel and noticed that it's right in the city center. Only a couple blocks from a beautiful beach and the street was filled with markets. We were definitely impressed. We're staying in a cute little bungalow near the pool.

We decided to walk the streets as the day was coming to an end. We bought a few things from the market stalls and took a few pictures on the beach. On the way back we stopped at a restaurant for dinner and then called it a night


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