Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, 03/29/2018

I knew I would forget something. About one month ago, I finally made a friend. I was trying to have some pictures printed and when I went into the shop there were a few people working there and I apologized for not speaking Spanish and this woman stood up and stated she was English and could help me.

While we were waiting for the prints we started chatting. Turns out Roberta is from England but moved here several years ago with her parents and sister. Sister went back to England but Roberta stayed to take care of her mom.

She was confirming my thoughts, that it is very hard to find English speaking people to converse and socialize with. By the end of our chat she asked if we could exchange contact information and maybe meet for coffee. We have socialized a few times since then and she thought it was ironic that she had just told her sister she had met an American new friend and I texted her that same day and said I was heading back to the USA. Oh well, it was nice to have met her and with WhatsApp and other technology we can stay in touch. Other than someone who used to work at Kinross, (Natalia), Roberta was my first and only non-Kinross friend.

I don't count the nice lady at the grocery store, or my landlady who always tried to email me in English and her emails were fun to read!


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