Rocky Mountain Hi!

Denver Colorado, 10/17/2017

I headed back to Colorado in October for 9 days of R & R. The trip was too short and bittersweet. I loved seeing Alex and all my friends, but it reminded me that even though I am enjoying my adventure in Mauritania, I miss my family and friends.

Everyone in Mauritania asked me to take pictures of my friends and family in the USA so they could see them. So, I did, and they are all at the end of this Chapter.

I landed Tuesday night around midnight and Dani kindly picked me up. We went back to her and Monsters’ (Rex) and I tried to sleep. Wednesday I spent the day with Alex, which was great. He was anxiously awaiting news about a new job that he really wanted. He kept telling me he was going to get it, he had visualized it!

I was off to the Tech Center for coffee with Kurt, and then lunch with Cheri before she headed out of town.

During the trip I took care of some personal things, took the good ole Hyundai into the shop for major maintenance. I now have a near brand new car!

Collette and I spent a few hours just sitting outside at Wash Park in the beautiful fall sun, then off for some local ice cream.

Saturday night a bunch of us got together for drinks and conversation and it was so great. A special thanks to everyone that showed up: The Lindgren’s, the Jesse’s, the Chapman’s, the Clarke’s, the entire Clerkin clan, Miriam, Allyn and Kimm. It was really nice for us all to get together, we had plenty of time to spend together.

Sunday I was off to Montview Manor, my previous apartment building in Denver. First brunch with Ryan and Collette then off to the Manor where I did a little presentation on living and working in Mauritania and the Canary Islands. I am hoping they all will enjoy looking through the Kinross book I gave them as a gift!

Tuesday was a nice long breakfast with Kimm, then off to meet Dani and Ann for lunch. Anybody see a food trend here?

Wednesday I met up with Jim, Greg and Chris for a good ole’ ex-Mincom/Addons lunch!

Wednesday night Dani and Monster had a patio (warm evening) Chinese food take out dinner with me and Miriam before she heads back to Perth (including Passion Fruit Crème Brulee).

Thursday I was off to pick up Alex to take me back to the airport. He was still very encouraged about the new job possibility. By the time I landed in Miami for my connection back Alex had indeed got the job! Guess that visualization stuff works…..I’ll have to try it.

I want to make sure I say a very special thank you to Dani and Monster for opening up their home to me for the entire trip, making me feel at home. Monster…..a special thanks for the burnt hot dogs…..just the way I love them.

I did, to be honest, cry a lot on my way back. I realized how much I do miss my family and friends and hope that the next 18 months go by as fast as the first 6 did. I also recognized (thank you Susanna) that I am in charge of my own happiness here and responsible for finding things to keep me busy and fulfilled. Matter of fact the first Sunday back I met one of my employees and his family for breakfast. His wife is an American and new to Mauritania and I hope to develop a friendship with the entire family. While waiting for them to arrive I met a woman from the US and we exchanged emails and will try to meet up for coffee or the monthly embassy party. See Susanna, I’m owning my destiny!

I will be spending my holidays in Mauritania this year so that my coworkers can go back to the Canaries to spend the holidays with their families and friends. Barb and I will start planning our next adventure for next years’ R & R. I hope you all enjoy the photos and my ongoing story!


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