Gone Baby Gone

Las Palmas, 06/30/2017

The title of this Chapter has two significant meanings. A journey needs to be honest. If a journey is sugar-coated, it isn’t honest. Life is a journey, and the bumpy parts make us all who we are today. Some bumpy parts hurt us and we learn from those, some bumpy parts teach us and make us stronger. Then there are some bumpy parts that are just bumpy parts that do not deserve our energy or our power. This chapter is a little about that kind of bumpy part, started out hurting, then it didn’t deserve our energy. No suspense, it had a good ending, so don’t go sneaking off to the last paragraph of this chapter.

On Thursday, June 29th we got word the work permits were approved and we could schedule our trips back to Mauritania. By this time, I had worked two weeks in Las Palmas. We needed extra coverage this month in Mauritania so I left for Mauritania on Monday, July 3 and will stay through Monday, July 24. Then I’ll be in Las Palmas for rotation and a few extra days since Barbara is coming to visit for a few weeks. She’ll even have a week or so alone in Las Palmas.

Landing in Mauritania this time was, once again, an adventure. Each time it’s different, which I was warned about before. They seem to change procedures at the airport daily! This time they decided they saw something in my luggage, it was only the charger for my laptop. They missed the jar of pasta sauce, the frying pan and of bags of cookies. So this was the first reference to Gone Baby Gone….Gone from Las Palmas and back in Mauritania.

Now the bumpy bits. Most of you know me well enough to know I am a strong woman with a warped sense of humor, and yes, both can go together. If we go back to my first week at Kinross, in Las Palmas the bumps began. When I was moved to another department I found that the Manager I would be working for in that department was a bully, rude and showed no respect for women. He’s around my age and you’d think he’d know better. He was also a contractor and expected to leave in July. Took me less than two weeks at Kinross where I realized there was no way I could continue working for someone like him. I set a professional boundary, reported the behavior to Human Resources and let them know if he stayed I wanted to go to the department I interviewed for. Fast forward to this week and he is Gone Baby Gone! How could I not have responded to the behavior, I’m a mum, an aunt, a friend to young women and had to walk the talk?


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