Permit Me, Permit Me Not!

Las Palmas, 03/16/2018

The adventure is coming to an early end. With the challenges my employer has with the Mauritanian government issuing or withholding expat Work Permits and mine expiring in April, Kinross made the right business decision to terminate my contract early. I always knew this could happen and I am 100% fine with their decision. They are being very good to me as far as this disruption in my life and getting me home soon.

My plan is to do a quick turnaround trip tomorrow to Nouakchott to empty my apartment there, they offered to do this, but I'm fine with going and coming right back Sunday. Besides I have things there that I had always planned on leaving behind for the housekeeper.

Then next week the fun begins! I must organize the airfreight items for the movers to come and pack up. I will be booking my flight home, with the hope to be on my way by end of March (two weeks).

First stop will be Denver for a few weeks. I will be picking up my car and visiting with my Denver friends. I will pick up the plants that Dani and Monster have been foster parents for. I am hoping my friend Colette from Detroit will fly in and do a road trip with me from Denver to Tucson.

Once in Tucson I will split my "boarding" between friends and Barbara. I'll be looking for a place to live during that time.

I may also start looking for a job (maybe a tiny adventure?) during my spare time while still in Las Palmas.

I haven't allowed myself time yet to reflect on this past year and how I feel about it ending early. Dani asked if I'm glad or sad. A little of both, leaning toward glad! Glad to have the experience and glad to be going home. What I will miss the most are my Mauritanian team. They are a great group of people and have taught me about their culture and their faith and about how alike the world really is.

I will continue writing my diary until I am settled in Tucson. I'm sure you will all be dying to see pictures of cactus and apartments!



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