Countdown to US

Mauritania, 01/14/2018

I have been in Nouakchott for five (5) straight weeks. The time did go pretty fast, but when not working I did get a bit bored. First I fixed my A/C (last chapter). Then I got frustrated with the very poor water pressure in the bathroom sink. So off came the sink aerator and no wonder I had no water pressure! Nothing could get through the pebbles and pieces stuff that completely covered the little screen. So now, back on and kicking ass water pressure!

Tried taking down my curtains to wash them, but they mount them permanently to the wall at the apartment. I guess I could hose off the areas around the pool and gardens. Or.....better yet, I can bring back gardening gloves and a small spade and start weeding the gardens outside at the pool.

I am really looking forward to returning to the US for three weeks and spending time with family and friends. I miss home.

I have been trying to stay "non-political" in this diary, but my restraint is wearing very thin. I am an unfortunate member of the "MeToo" Movement as well as currently residing (proudly) in one of those "Shithole" nations. Was also curious that my six-month physical will take six hours but Drumps only took three....put that into perspective?!?

I am very fortunate that I am working with local people who do not judge me by the words of others. Words do matter, and they respect mine! They still make me laugh with some of their statements. The other day something good happened and I blurted out "Yee Ha" (like a cowboy) and one of the younger nationals looked at me and said "oh Diana, I did not realize you speak Chinese" much for slang! He also started talking about "Reefer Trucks" and after using google I found out that is what the rest of the world calls "Refrigerated Trucks". I told him "Reefer Trucks" has a different meaning in the US. He found that very amusing. So now he wants to call me Diana Webster, after the dictionary. The latest joke in the office is they all keep mentioning "just cancel your trip".

This week we have been given permission to "walk to work" in the mornings with two guards in tow. We must all look like a bunch of fools, all ages all sizes wandering in a group. I do it unless it's dusty, because that aggravates my lungs and I end up coughing which defeats the purpose of walking outdoors.

I leave Wednesday morning for Las Palmas.....tick tock!

Will write and post pics after I return from US.


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