Coughing. Coughing. Coughing

Las Palmas, 09/29/2017

Landed in California and next morning Barb and I went to an Urgent Care because the pesky cough I had for over two weeks was still with me. Glad she was with me for moral support. Note to self, next time you are coughing for a week in Mauritania, get on a plane and go back to Las Palmas and find a doctor. Me ignoring a cough ended up me visiting two doctors. One in an Urgent Care in California and then in an Emergency Room in Las Palmas.

During our short trip to California we did get to see Alina, Brian and Tom.

Stayed in Las Palmas two extra days because my bronchitis still wasn’t gone enough for me to feel comfortable going back to Mauritania.
Once I got back to Mauritania I moved into my new office space. My team, Babacar, Boukhary, Aziz and I moved upstairs (out of the Procurement office) to an area that could house us. I even have a little private office for myself. Plus, it is so quiet where we are, we all like it. Our Procurement office was over-crowded and I volunteered to move with my guys!

My new (permanent – finally) Manager started this month. He is an American who was living in Madagascar. I think he will have a significant impact on the department, all positive. He’s organized and believes in standards. Both are skills our department desperately needs.

The goal is for the expats to be done by the end of next year. I’m not sure how that impacts my contract, it may mean it gets cut by a few months. Next year will be busy and exciting. I took this role to train the Nationals and then leave! Looks like we will be on track to do that.
My rotation days have changed to coming/going on Saturday instead of Monday. I’m excited about that change, works better for me as well as gives me more time in the office with my team.

My next rotation starts on October 14 and I head to Denver for 9 days. Looking forward to seeing Alex and Molly and all my friends.


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