Party, Party, Party

California, 02/03/2018

Alex arrived in California on February 1.

Thursday night we all got together with Alina, Brian and Kaitlyn and Cheri and Bob for dinner. We had a great time. The restaurant, food and company were spectacular. I didn’t realize that Alina and Alex were a duet. They sang along with the lounge singer. We weren’t even thrown out!

On Thursday, Alina was sending a group text with pics to us but did not realize that she was texting a very old cell number I had when I lived in Tucson. The woman who now has that number was quite a good sport and texted back with a pic and said we looked like we were having fun.

Friday we were all off to spa day! Alina and Cheri treated me, Barb and Kaitlyn to a spa day. It was such a nice relaxing and fun “girls” day. Friday night it was just pizza night at Alina’s.

Saturday Barb was off for most of the day, I wouldn’t find out until later how much work she put into my party. She had collected photos and news clippings for memory boards, there were balloons everywhere and a great cake. Cheri and Alina spent the day cooking. Meanwhile I treated Alex and Kaitlyn to pedicures (since Alex missed “girls’ spa day”)

Remember the text sent to a stranger by Alina (my old number), well the girls decided to use the pic she sent and make a placard, so she would be at the party. This was funny enough, but when Alina (again) sent a text to the wrong number my “new friend” texted back. She certainly had a good sense of humor seeing a placard of herself at the party! She’s is a few pics.

Saturday night was the official party, even though I felt like it was a party since Thursday! Tom came and so did Wendy with the kids. I got to see the twins, they are so cute. They look alike yet so different. Archer is also growing so fast, he is such a cool kid.

A box had arrived from Julie in Nevada. She had found old pictures of all of us and sent a work-related album from the first mine I ever worked at (Northumberland). In the album were notes written by my first boss at Cyprus. I recognized his handwriting and remembered how much I loved working for him. Julie was going to try to come for the party, as a surprise, but had family issues that didn’t make it possible. She was there in spirit.

When we sat down to dinner I tried (unsuccessfully) to thank everyone for making my 70th such a memorable occasion with crying. I failed!

I cannot really say how much this entire trip meant to me. Not because it was my birthday, but because I got to spend time with both my kids at the same time as well as family and friends.

Thank you all for making my 70th one I will not forget. On to 80!


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