Put Away the Passport

Eventually, Denver, Co, 03/30/2018

I know this may sound silly, but I had a tearful goodbye at the Las Palmas Airport with Juan, the Kinross taxi driver who was the first (and now last) person I met in Las Palmas. He teared up when he brought my luggage into the airport. He is such a nice man and I still remember seeing him at midnight in May 2017 standing at the Las Palmas airport with a sign “Mrs. Papa”. I also teased him each time he took me to the airport during work rotations back to Las Palmas, that he would be the last person I would talk to when it was time to leave.

First stop in the US was Denver. Got to be part of Dani and Monsters’ Easter egg hunt with all the grandkids on Sunday. It was so much fun, I had been part of this celebration in the past. On Monday Alex picked me up in his new (used) car. He had been keeping my car in Denver for my return. It was so good to see that he is happy and thriving at his new job. We even went to visit the dispensary where he works He’s their Media Manager. It was “take mom to work day”. Ha Ha. I ended my visit with Dani and Monster by taking Dani and Andrea to the airport for their trip to Portugal and the Canary Islands (irony again).

Next stop in Denver was Kimm, we had so much fun online shopping for a dress for her sons’ wedding this fall, and binge-watching TV (I had no real US TV for a year). We also learned what the “Sabbath” setting was on her TV. Ha Ha. She will be planting the Vinca I got her for that pesky dead spot in her yard.

Last Denver stop (before collecting Colette and heading south) was Cheri and Bob. We had a nice relaxing time, just hanging out and catching up. Bob was off golfing and I promised him I would get a good new bed for my second bedroom in Tucson, especially since I live nearly across the street from one of the best golf courses in Tucson.

In addition to staying with friends I met up with the Chapmans (who will be retiring to Tucson one of these days). Grabbed what started as breakfast with the Jesses’ but morphed into enough time to include lunch after long discussions about favorite Sci Fi movies and TV shows. Also saw Kurt Wassil, and a great visit with Allyn Bader-Barclay. I also went downtown to have a long brekkie with Ryan Sarin. I also did a little presentation at Montview Manor of the last half of my Mauritanian adventure. They seemed to enjoy it, and I sure was happy to see my friends from there.


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