Touring with Bruno

Las Palmas, 05/08/2017

Off we go on our tour. Canarians kiss on both cheeks to say hello and goodbye, similar to Holland. Bruno is a local Canarian and a perfect guide. His pride in his homeland is amazing. We stop several times so he can write on my map for me so I will remember the neighborhoods.

I'm not here 24 hours and questions about Trump come up. Bruno is concerned that America is moving away from the rest of the world. We have a good talk and I am happy he knows how many of us still love our country and still feel the same about the rest of the world.

Bruno uses a first floor, second floor and third floor analogy to identify neighborhoods for me. He explains I should look for a place in a second or third floor neighborhood. He shows me the most famous seafood restaurant on the entire island. I am also getting quite a good geography lesson.

The majority of the Canarians live in Las Palmas. The real touristy beaches are on the south of the island, where Las Palmas is in the northeast. Hardly nobody lives in the center (forest and mountains) and the west side of the island in

uninhabited. There is also a beach in Las Palmas where no development is allowed, only a boardwalk is there. Old town Triana in Las Palmas is an open air shopping area with no cars. Like Denver's 16th street mall but prettier and no vagrants.

The island also has an Isleta (a very small island) called Las Coloradas. Knowing I'm from Colorado, Bruno takes me there!

I will definitely use Bruno as a personal tour guide when family and friends visit. Pictures are entering old town Triana and the undeveloped beach.


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