Rotation in Las Palmas

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain, 12/07/2017

I have been home in Las Palmas since Saturday night and do not leave for Nouakchott until Monday. The weather has been great. Now I see why so many Europeans come here this time of year. While they are freezing in Europe it is in the 70's here.

It's been a slightly challenging but fun few days off. It took four calls (not by me, by someone in our Las Palmas office) to get customs to "release" by new mouth guard that was sent from the US. Customs wanted to know it's value for the VAT tax. Luckily my dentist in Denver did not provide the invoice of $3,500 that went to insurance, I would have had to pay 17% VAT tax. Instead the invoice stated no value. I only had to pay 16 Euros to have it released and delivered to my office here. Then there was the fun of trying to ship back the broken one. Found a DHL office and good old Google Translate got it done for me. This time I had to pay 60 Euros to ship it back to Denver. I'll have this replacement shipped to Barbara in the states.

I went out for dinner with my expat friends from work. Jim is Canadian and Yara is Russian. We went to a recommended Mexican restaurant. It didn't open until 8 pm (oy) so I got there early and strolled down the street to a bar. Jim soon joined me as did Yara. We realized that it was full with folks my age and older! Senior nite in Las Palmas. It turned out to be a Karaoke bar. Next thing we know there are women getting up to sing and each one had a beautiful voice, but none were singing in Spanish. Talk about confusing. I wandered up to the bartender to inquire. How many people can say they wandered into a Finnish Karaoke night in Las Palmas at a bar name San Elmo? The bartender assured me they could do English songs for me to sing. Luckily by that time the restaurant had opened and the Senior Finnish population of Las Palmas was spared me trying to sing back up to a Joe Cocker classic.

I did get emails today from the US Embassy warning that both in Spain and Mauritania there may be violence due to Drump announcing that he's moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Guess he missed the class on the history of that region. Jerusalem is a holy city to Christians, Jews and Muslims. So, while you guys are worried about North Korea, I haven't escaped the Twitter Twit!


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