Home Sweet Home

Nouakchott, 12/30/2017

Hard to believe it but I actually feel more at home in Nouakchott then in Las Palmas. I do not think that is bad. I am getting into a routine (rhythm) in Nouakchott. The flip side of being in Las Palmas is I feel on holiday when I’m there. So, I don’t think having that six days in Las Palmas in a “holiday” mood is a bad thing. I think I was trying too hard to feel “at home there”. I now realize I don’t have to.
I read a really good quote from an Australian woman who traveled across Australia with only camels (great book and movie by the way) her name is Robyn Davidson. The book and movie are titled “Tracks”.

Her quote is:
“Some nomads are at home everywhere. Others are at home nowhere, and I was one of those”. I think I am becoming the nomad who is at home everywhere.

Nesting in Nouakchott includes moving furniture around and fixing things myself in the apartment! It is really funny here, when you raise a maintenance issue it is handled differently. Take for example the lack of hot water I had a few weeks ago. Maintenance showed up and turned on the water, looked at me and stated “solar”. Well hell, I know it is solar, I wanted a solution. He thanked me and left. So it took a bit of explaining but now I have hot water.

I was also having problems with one of my a/c units, it made a terrible noise and really didn’t do a good job cooling. Maintenance came and told the person at Kinross who organizes Maintenance “it’s fixed”. No it wasn’t. I think turning it off and on equates to “it’s fixed”. So, this morning, before heading into work I decided I would take a look myself. I have had this type of unit before. So, sure enough, I opened it and the filters were covered (clogged) in dust so that would solve the lack of cold air. The noise, which sounded like breaking plastic required a bit more detective work….and there it was. One of the plastic electric connectors was not placed correctly and it was pushed under the filter. So, clean filters, re-situated connector and I have a quiet cool running a/c unit. So if anyone wonders where Barb gets her talent for maintenance, you all know the answer.

The a/c unit did make me chuckle and think of Montview Manor where I lived in Denver. Our maintenance guy, Dan came over to clean the a/c filters when I first moved in. They were already clean and he wondered if I did not use my a/c. I giggled a bit and told him I use it all the time, but I also remove and wash the filters every month.

One last giggle. While texting Alina and letting her know that in Nouakchott on the weekends one TV station does marathon (old) episodes of House Hunters International, something Alina and I did on a visit to California, she mentioned she lives vicariously through that show and through my adventure. That

is something many of my friends have said, they live vicariously through my adventure. I guess I should have titled the diary “Old Broad Abroad”!


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