Week One in Las Palmas

Las Palmas, 05/08/2017

Monday morning chaos, I'm running late and will be late for my first day of work. That sucks!

Luckily the office is just across the street. When Liesbeth comes to greet me she tells me I am early. Seems the TV is on Spain time and Gran Canaria is an hour behind. Lesson One!

Kinross has a very busy few days scheduled for me. First a tour of the city with Bruno my guide, then a walk to the local bank to set up my bank account. Then three (yup three) different realtors will haul me around to find a place to rent. Then it's meetings with Kinross Immigration team, meetings with Human Resources, also an Harassment training. Get the picture?

But first, I have been introduced to the Director of Supply Chain, an Australian expat, and he mentions that he thinks I will be bored with the position I was hired to do and wants to know if I will jump Contracts ship and work in Purchasing instead. We all know I'm always up for a good work challenge so Purchasing it is. Not really sure what I will be doing, I will figure that out next week when I fly to Nouakchott. I do have a much better rotation then anticipated. I will work fifteen days on and six days off and travel is done on the fifteen days not on days off! He has also asked me to attend a Caterpillar equipment software workshop scheduled for later this week. Meantime, it's time for Bruno and my tour!


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