70 the new 50?

Tucson, 01/22/2018

Landed in Tucson on Monday night, January 22. When we got to Barb’s apartment, she had left her Christmas tree up for me and had my Amazon packages wrapped in Christmas paper. We then did our late version of "black Friday" shopping and even looked at places for me to live when I move back. We did our "48 hours, Dateline" mini-marathon.

We left for California on January 31 but not before I got to see all my Tucson friends. Started with an overnight stay with Kathy and Lloyd. We did what we do best, stayed up playing cards while sipping on Crowne Royal Apple. They have promised not to finish the bottle. We started it together and will finish it together when I come home when the project is over.

Next it was off to see Clara, we went to the casino and sat and talked and talked – it was great.

Finally, I spent the night with Michelle, Brit and Wyatt. And yes Wyatt, I still go right and like blue and black. Next time we meet you and I can switch lefts and rights. Wyatt is growing up to be such a smart little man. He is so much fun to engage with. We had a yummy dinner and it was great to visit with my “spider” foster parents. Short story…...left my spider in the office when I moved to Denver in 2015. Fast forward almost two years and Michelle went into the room where the spider was locked away and it was still alive! She took it home and it is now living quite happily with all of them. I will take it back when I move home. But they are great plant foster parents.

The rest of my plants are being fostered by Dani and Monster in Denver!

Wednesday, January 31 and we were off to California.


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