Day 2: Heaven Is Locked Here

Havelock Island, 03/28/2019

We got up at 6 am in the morning .Today the day was bright and beautiful.It was sunny outside and after getting ready we had our complimentary breakfast of Idlis and sambar. Then we started our way to "Makruzz" ferry and it started at 8 am. With a lot of hopes to view the open sea ,we were disappointed to know that they don't allow passengers to go on the top and even the glasses were blue painted. We were highly disappointed but to pass our time we started a game of cards and at 9:30 am we reached HaveLock.
And my first instinct after seeing the island was "Oh my God!" "It is a heaven on earth" .Humidity was relatively higher and sun was bright but the incredible beauty of the place has mesmerised us. The water of the ocean was crystal clean and the surface could be seen from there. There were mangroves floating on the shores of the

island . Such greenery ,Blueish water and clear sky, chirping of the birds was something beyond description.
We went to board a rented Cab and reached our hut hotel "Shangrilas".It was the best location to have a hotel huts.We had booked huts for our stay at the beach to have the full feel of being in the island.The huts were very beautiful and amazing. They were located on beach "Vijaynagar beach". The coconut trees were stretched on the whole shore line, the mangroves ,the changing colour of the water from light blue to dark blue ,the sunlight sparkling on the water was a sight to behold. And also the foreigners were amazing :p.
The best part of the beds on the Shangrilas beach were the tilted coconut trees that were planted such that they gave shade during the whole day. The view of the ocean from the shade of the trees was amazing. There were dogs and small crabs on the beach. Some people were reading their novels and some were enoying in the ocean and some were taking the sun bath. Some people even had painted the "kachi huts" during

their long stay there.
We rented scooties for our island travel and now we were exhausted and hungry, so before travelling any further we decided to go to some good restaurant to have lunch and we landed in one of the most famous Pure Veg Restaurant in Havelock ,"SHAKAHAAR", it was a typical bamboo hut and was located inside a small plantation. I had a full feel of being in a typical restaurant I would love to be in. It was hot outside as if the sun was burning and there was only a fan in that restaurant but somehow the shade of the trees and being inside the plantation made it cool. Then our table was set and we ordered Paneer Butter Masala, Kadhai Paneer, Dal Makhani, Rotis and Raita. Everything was so delicious and so yummy . Both my taste buds and my soul were fully satisfied by the food and the location and decoration.
Then we went to "Kala Pathar" beach. The road we were travelling on was adjacent to the shore line and it seemed like we were walking on the waves.The water was calm, ocean breeze was blowing ,the complete road was covered with coconut trees(so huge), shrubs and many other forest trees.

We came across huts ,huge and built for personal use .They were so beautiful and perfectly built. Then we reached the gate of Kala Pathar beach. Sparkling blue water changing it's colour from dull blue to dark blue , hills , shells and corals on the beach, white sand, trees scape ,The small market, the tourists hut from where there was a view of sea that will be eternal in my memory.
After having fun in the ocean waves , doing photography and making boomerangs (it's fun) we all went to have nariyal paani ,the yellowish-orange coloured variety only found in Andaman. Then we all bought some gifts from the market.
I bought a tortoise made of shells and two wooden key rings ,these were made from the bamboo. And then we all started our journey to next point ,to the Asia's Best Beach

I and Harish stopped at a coconut shop to have nariyal paani, this aunty is going to be our personal coconut shop wali aunty ..hehe :p .
We had the Rs. 30 nariyal paani and it was so thnda and sweet that i loved it . And we started our way to Radhanagar Beach. The road was hilly and well built ,It seemed like I am not on any island but I am travelling in some hilly area. It seemed like God is completing my two trips in one. Hill+Island======Wonderful
There were so many curves and somewhere the road was narrow ,tiny droplets were there and there was bulk of greenery, we saw papaya trees, melons etc . There were chaat walas and coconut walas near the beach. Upon reaching the beach I came to know why it is called Asia's best beach. If God

has created Heaven on this earth it seemed like it was there at that time. I wanted to capture the whole picture in once for my lifetime. So beautiful ,so immense, so senere, so wide, so green , mountains on one side , vast ocean on one side , tall Evergreen Trees and dense shrubs lied all across the beach. Something was taking place inside me on seeing that incredible Beauty. That's why India is incredible. Now you may be thinking what makes it different from other beaches.
It's the sand and the clearity of the ocean water. There is not even a single pebble or coral on the whole beach of Radhanagar . Just clear white sand . If six people are standing in the waters of Radhanagar then one is able to see others feet, it's that level of clear and the sand inside the ocean is also flat and steady and without pebbles.

We all dived and went inside the waters, we played, we jumped, we were dancing with the waves, we were floating, we splashed water on each other, we learnt how to hold breath underwater, we sang, we kept our body as light as possible so the high tides will carry us away, it's fun to flow with the ocean. We held hands and our backs were towards the coming wave, a strong wave would throw us towards the beach . It was completely fun . We also had some powerful splashes from the ocean as if the ocean was hitting our back . It was too powerful. Our mouths were salty by now.
The ocean made me realise how something can be powerful yet calm at the same time. You can't even hold yourself if it decided to make to move and you can't move if it decided to hold you.
It started raining a little bit . Ocean seemed even more beautiful in the tiny droplets .It seemed like as if even the slightest dirt was washed off. I paused for a moment inside in water and captured the whole divine beauty of ocean and greenery all around in my eyes.
For a little break we came out of the water and we sat on the sands. Sands that felt so homely ,that didn't felt like dirt , the sands that were so friendly.
We all started building a castle or whatever as we like, some built small castle ,some the handshake tunnel, some built cars and tower, I built an Igloo and a man. Dogs had some special love for Devpriya , they even marked her caastle by peeing on it (hahahahah) . Then there was a war for caastle , Harish threw a ball of sand at my human figure and it was destroyed and soon after there was only GP's tower and car left because as a messenger of peace he decided not to be a part of "The Great War" :p and then after that I was in a mood to be dig myself in sand ,so I started loading myself in sand and my dear friends hepled me in this. Now upon standing I was dipped in sand ,my clothes were dirty ,my every body part was like dipped in sand but it's fun to be crazy. It makes me feel alive and happy . Then we again went inside waters as the time to leave the beach was getting close .The beaches in Andaman close by 6 due to high tides for the safety of tourists.
So again the same msti started and we were floating with friends help ,having fun, being romantic , singing songs . I sang the famous "CHUMA" song and everyone started looking at Harish (hehe :p) .
Suddenly I felt so calm and peaceful, as if the nature was telling me something.The rain droplets and the senere beauty ,

I was continously looking at it as if they were hipnotising me . I wanted to capture the beauty for lifetime .
The time was up ,it's time to leave .It was getting darker and we all headed to change our clothes .We all had brought clothes to change but I chose not to change . I was feeling more natural that way. But a little dirty surely.
Sometimes you feel the most amazing things in some little things , this happened with me and I don't know why I feel so happy about it . At the exit we had BhelPuri in leaf plate and the spoons were also of leaves. That simply felt so good and i was so excited to eat with it . In a natural place you are having everything natural. It was like my trip is successful. After having an amazing chaat we headed for our return journey to our huts .
On our way back we stopped at the same nariyal paani wali

aunty and had her refreshing coconut water and lots of malai, we even packed some.We went to Mandi and bought some fruits , mangoes and some other fruits . During the whole day we were loaded with coconut water and malai. The first thing I did after coming back was bathing.
After having a bath we went to a cafe to have dinner . We ordered juices and noodles and specially Vikas sir's SALAD :p, that was just tomato ,onion, carrots and cucumber worth Rs. 100 (hahah) ,Harish and I went to have nariyal paani again at around 9 pm but our search was in vain as there was no shop open . So we went back , it was taking a very long time to prepare orders so we started playing cards and then other orders arrived , the best part was the Schezwan noodles ,they were so yummy (maza hi aa gya).
After dinner we went back to our huts and we had mangoes they were so yummy so so so yummy. I and Harish went to star gazing and were followed by others . We had planned to go to Kala Pather if we were not able to star gaze there .
But the view was incredible , full of stars so peaceful , only the

sound of waves and the sky full of stars . After a long meditation , I was in a mood to dance . A slow song was placed and I was flowing with it . I was with my love on the most beautiful beach under the sky full of stars ,what else can one want. Thank you God.
The Vijaynagar beach (our hotel beach only) was the sunrise point in Havelock. So I , Harish and Gp had decided to get up early to enjoy it . So as we three were about to leave we saw the MOON RISE. HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's even more beautiful than the sunrise. My imagination was at peak. The straight line that was being built in the waters by the moonlight seemed to me as a staircase and the moon itself was a doorway to some other world . The clouds and mist shadow in the moon seemed to be a perfect picture of some island itself . The beautiful scenery could not be captured in

the camera but it's captured in the memory forever.
And then finally three of us went to bed and 20 minutes later the rest 3 came in and we got to know they came in because there were big white crabs on the beach at this point of time (Oops!!!!!!!)
So we finally went to have a Good Night sleep because we had to get up at 4:30 am and we were sleeping at 1 'o' clock because it is well said
"Wake up for the sunrise, stay out for the moon."
So in this way ended our 2nd amazing day (loved it and nailed it totally).
Our travel route was:
Jetty---> Shangrilas--->Shakahaar--->Kala Patthar Beach---> Radhanagar Beach--->Mandi Havelock--->Shangrilas---> Flavours Cafe---> Shangrilas



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