Day 1 : The Thunder Blast of Port Blair

Port Blair, 03/27/2019

We were six friends (Me, Harish, Vikas, Gurpinder, Divyakshi, Devpriya) who started our journey to one of the most amazing and loving journey of our life . "A TRIP TO ANDAMAN. "
I never thought that I will be so lucky to visit this heaven so early, but with God's grace I was. We all had our flight from Delhi airport on 27/03/2019 at 04:55 am with a layover at Kolkata . I took the window seat so that I would be able to see

the mesmering view of the Andaman islands. But before that there was many more to come. The mesmering view of the sunrise and the clouds was something to behold.
Somehow we were not very lucky that day as it was very cloudy so we can't see the islands. But instead I got to see the most wonderful view of the Cloud kingdom.Something that you usually can't see.We reached the airport at 10 am and we were welcomed by the rain showers . There was greenery all around and the atmosphere became cool.
We reached our Airbnb "SANDY SHORES" .It was a very luxurious hotel with a dining room and four rooms. But suddenly we realised our whole day may be ruined by the powerful thunders, lightening and rain showers. There was a thunder blast as powerful as a bomb blast and the rain became heavier. I had a feeling of cloud burst. That was followed by two more and the rain got heavier.
We had our first meal of "white bread" with cheese(yummy) and tea in there.To have a good mood we started a game of cards. The rain was getting lighter but was not lighter enough. I and Harish decided to go out in the rain because we were not left with any option. Either stay locked up in the room or go out to enjoy the weather. We chose the second one.

Walking and dancing in the rain was a lot fun. Both of us even went under a shower that was flowing from top of the house . It's water was so fresh and sweet and so refreshing. We finally had a got start and a good bath (hehe) of the trip, Cheers to the waterfall feel (the sweet rain shower water can even beat the waterfalls).
Then we rented scooty and drove in rain to CORBYN COVE BEACH.We went down to explore a 'kacha' road (which was dangerous for me but not for him) to find nothing but only we moved in a circle and then we went straight towards cove beach. Nature was at it's best. Surrounded by sand and small hills and the beautiful coconut trees, it was a treat to the eyes. The tiny droplets were touching our cheeks and were giggling on our smiles. Due to rain there were not many tourists there and we enjoyed the beauty of nature in calm and peace away

from the noise of cities . A place destined to help people find there true selves.
Finally the rest four came in Auto and joined us on the beach . We had a lot of fun in water . Then we decided to go on a scooty ride of port blair. We had the very first "nariyal paani" in port blair. It's freshness was amazing.There were coconuts only found in Andaman (the orange coloured one).
Then we drove on the road that was driving close to beach line ,it was amazing to see ocean flow with you. The drive on the well built road and by the ocean was a treat to soul and eyes. Being in a little hilly area with rain showers was a feeling that whole nature is with you .The chirping of the birds ,the wind rustling...huh ,what a experience.
The amazing and crazy part was that we were travelling without any directons or map with us, we were like the nomads travelling in any direction wherever the road takes us.
We reached the place where Netaji Subash Chandra Bose hosted the first Indian Flag in 1943. That was a place to behold , the place had an amazing view of mountains , ships docked and travelling ,mist due to rain and clouds near the mountains,

the sun set was almost there.We travelled across the Marine Park.This place is lit with lights, the martyrs name, Map of India and many more lit things .In our quest to see the sunset we reached jetty and army base camps twice or thrice ,each time reaching a dead end. But the drive through the hilly area was very lively ,getting to know the localities and the colour of the setting sun and sky was very lovely.
Sometimes the colour of the sky was pinkish ,sometimes golden and sometime reddish. We reached jetty and saw a little glimpse of setting sun behind the mountains. What a lovely view!!
Then we started our journey back to the hotel, but Oops! where is the direction, now these two nomads are wandering in whichever way, we crossed the "Saw Mill" near the port ,"Cellular Jail" and the "Marine Park", we again crossed the "Corbyn Cove Beach", and now we were lost.
It was dark as we were lost in some local area, after a lot of prayers and directions from people we decided to follow the main road and yeah we landed on the direct route to air port road ,it was very near to our hotel. We stopped at "Bathu Basti" to buy chappals. Now finally we were on our way back to hotel and we reached our hotel at dinner time.

So after taking bath we decided to go to a pure veg restaurant about . 8 kms from our place. The restaurant was "Annapurna". We oredered south indian food over there. Dosas were amazingly crispy. After dinner we had coconut water and then went to the markets for a short visit. On that dinner we realised the Haddo is directly linked to our hotel and we didn't needed to travel via cove beach.
Back in hotel me played some games and then went to our bed to have a good sleep as we had to get up early at around 6 am in the morning.
So the route of the trip was:
IXZ Airport--->Sandy Shores---->Corbyn Cove Beach---> Cellular Jail--->Chatham--->Haddo--->Jetty--->Bathu Basti--->Sandy Shores--->Annapurna-------->Sandy Shores

So in this way our 1st day at port blair ended . It was a nice treat to our soul and we now wanted it more and we will get it because the "heaven locked " HAVELOCK was waiting us :) .


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