En Route

It's been a long day, but it's not over yet! I'm "trying" to get some sleep on the plane but between the turbulence and mister loud breather, it's looking like it might be a long night. Our flight left today at 4:45pm from Winnipeg, and we landed shortly into Minneapolis.I didn't realize that everything is modernized in Minneapolis Airport. It felt like we stepped into the future. There were iPads sitting on every seat you could rest your legs at. You can order food without interacting with a person, from where ever you were, so of course I had to try it. $12 dollars later I had myself some mashed potatoes, broccoli and chicken.

A couple hours later and we're now on the plane to Paris. I quickly realized that there was no need to buy dinner as it was provided on our long 8 hour flight. Although, they did run out of the chicken dinner and I was given pasta in a tuna sauce instead. Not so appetizing, so eating before hand did come in handy. Thankfully, it also came with a rice salad, applesauce, cheese, bread sicks and chocolate cake. We were also provided with a blanket, pillow, and eye mask as well. The flight crew is all very friendly and funny. Europe is so close I can taste it!


Je eigen reisdagboek maken was nog nooit zo leuk!

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Vertel je verhaal

Voeg verhalen toe aan het digitale dagboek en bepaal per hoofdstuk of je het openbaar wil maken of niet. De openbare hoofdstukken worden omgezet naar een mooie blog die je kunt delen met vrienden en familie.

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Voeg foto’s toe

Maak je dagboek compleet door foto’s toe te voegen aan de verhalen in verschillende lay-outs. Grote foto’s, kleine foto’s, staande of liggende… Je vult het dagboek zoals jij dat wil.

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Breng het in kaart

Naast foto’s kun je ook kaarten toevoegen aan je dagboek. Sleep pins op de kaart om je locatie aan te duiden of geef je hele reisroute weer. Zo kun je achteraf precies zien waar je geweest bent.