Day 3: Sun and the Ocean

Havelock Island

I,Harish and Gp got up at 4:30 a.m in the morning.To get up before the rooster crows in the morning is one of the great experience.It's like defeating the rooster(jokes apart). It remembers me of Jennifer quote's "Meet me where the sky touches the sea."
We went to the resort's beach to have an amazing and incredible experience of sunrise . I have never seen a sunrise as beautiful as this one. We had to wait for 45 minutes for the sunrise , but that wait was worth it. I had never experienced a sunrise before in a vast background.
So enormous and magnificent to watch it's each aspect. After having spend almost 1:15 hours and having a short walk on the beach line, we were forced to get back to our resort because oops nature's call was there(hahah). After that we took a small nap and now it's time to tick one off your bucket list things "SCUBA DIVING".
I freak form waters a little but the previous day at Radhanagar Beach shooed all the fears. But know you don't know how to swim and there you are thinking of going deep under water .OOOOOOOOO
So we went to one of the best scuba diving agency there "AquaNomads" and the took us to the scubaDiving point

"Nemo Beach point " ,It's names nemo point because here you can find the native Andaman fish "Nemo" where they gave us 15 minutes training about what to do and asked us not to panic. We all had one personal diver with us and now it's time for the dive...YIPEEEEEEE
We went under water and woohoo there are fishes near me and when i try to touch them they are wooshhhhh. There were coral reefs yellowish and stick ,yeah i touched one of them and there were yellow cute little zebra pattern fishes and Little Andaman orange coloured very very cute fish THE CLOWN FISH :*. There were big fishes and even almost translucent fishes . Some dark coloured coral reefs .
And now I have a situation due to fast breathing i started coughing so I asked my diver to take me out . Once we reached up , I coughed badly and then he told me that due to dryness underwater and fast breathing it happened so he advised me to breathe slowly and then he took me again inside waters . I could see the sunlight falling on the surface of the ocean floor and we were 8-10 metres underwater. It's that much clean. So

after about 25 minutes I came out. It will be a memorable experience. After that I and Harish went back to the beach with the tasty mangoes. It was bright sunshine but the tilted coconut trees were a blessing. It was so soothing to see the sparkling water in vast dark blue and clean ocean, the cool breeze under the coconut trees and the sweet mangoes, sharing this moment with your loved ones. Oh God thank you for so much grace. Thank you for this experience and this beauty.
After that we went again to our favourite destination for food "SHAKAHAAR". Food over there is just LOVEEEEE. After having lunch we went to the resort to get out of our night suits. After changing our clothes we went to the resort's bench to witness the ocean'd beauty. My bare feet relaxed on the white cool sand, the breeze touched by cheeks and trees and water was treat to eyes.

I and Harish were in some fun mood and we decided to climb the coconut trees .I was able to climb because it was tilted but I was having problem while descending. So I was sliding and at some point I thought I can easily on the surface now but my foot slipped and then there I was hung on the tree branch . I called Harish for help and he held me and then I landed on the surface. Then we had nariyal paani the resort itself , it had a little taste of coconut oil.
After this we started our journey to Radhanagar beach again , the beautiful roads and trees. We again had the coconut water at our aunty's shop. Upon reaching there we entered in the waters and started splashing waters on each other and singing and dancing and floating and flowing with the waves and getting hit by waves.
At one instance Harish and Vikas sir had a really romantic

scene (hahahahaha) .Harish was helping Vikas sir to float and was doing it with support of both hands , it looked like a couple scene(hehe).
So after the 6 pm closing time , we decided to travel along the beachline. It was so beautiful to see such a vast beach line.
Then we started our journey back to the resort and now I and Harish again had this huge 1 litre nariyal paani of rs.40. It was so cool and amazing yrrrrrrr, I just loved it. We both together were able to finish it. Today we decided to go to some South Indian restaurant so we checked out one fancy restaurant but it was full and over budget so we went to "Madurai"and had idli ,uttapam and dosa.Then we went to "Anju Coco Resto" which is quite an amazing restaurant with amazing food but I was full so I didn't had any. I was feeling sleepy so went back to resort

for a small nap. After about 40 minutes others came and we joined them for a small night trip .
We all decided to go to Kala Patthar beach and then back to Radhanagar beach and then back . It was chilly and dark. Some fear was creeping but Andaman is by far the best and the safest place I have visited so far. if you forgot your purse on the beach you can find it at the place the next day , no one touches any of your things. We use to leave our precious and essential things on beach while in water and the helmets used to hung on scooties only. People are welcoming ,Lovely and nice.
Then we went back to the resort and went to the beach and there we rested for a while ,gazing the stars and then we went back to the resort to sleep and this way our 2nd day at havelock ended.


So our route was: Shangrilas(sunrise)--> Nemo dive point-->Shangrilas beach-->Shakahaar-->Shangrilas beach-->Radhanagar Beach--> Shangrilas-->Buddha Garden-->Madurai-->Anju Coco-->Shangrilas-->Kala Pathar-->Radhanagar-->Shangrilas



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