Rome Day 2


This morning we walked to a ticket booth thinking we were going to purchase tickets for The Colosseum and quickly found out that it was a national holiday in Italy and it was closed. I guess we were a little caught off guard because for the longest time we just walked around aimlessly.
We were told there was a parade in the city center so we got on a bus that would take us there. I still have no idea why, but just before we were about to leave, the bus turned off and the bus driver got out and left. Everyone was left standing in the bus, skin to skin at thirty two degrees. It didn't help being parked at the bus stop either because more and more people kept filing in. It was actually really gross. We ended up missing the parade because of it!
Rome is SO big, almost too big. And full of seas of people. Probably because of the
national holiday, policemen were lining the streets. There's just so much history in this city, it's hard to wrap your brain around it.
I'm not sure if I would have liked Rome more, had it been out first stop. But it's almost too big and too overwhelming. I think Gabby and I are just overwhelmed with the touristy type of things. We didn't even bother to figure out the metro system here, we decided to just walk everywhere, to save a headache.
Rome is full of old buildings, not just pretty architecture, but buildings that you know by just looking, that it has an important meaning and purpose. There's no way we could know about everything, but we're trying to fit as much as we could in!
Unfortunately with the colosseum being closed we just walked the streets. We went to a well known street with lots of good shopping stores. Also, we stopped at a wax museum, where we took pictures with "Pablo Picasso" and "The Pope".
As we were walking the streets, a friendly man was doing henna tattoos on the steps. I've never had one before and it wasn't too pricey, so I decided to live on the edge, I guess! Looking back now, it was a little sketchy, considering he was sitting on a cardboard box on the side of the street.. (Don't worry mom and dad, it's not permanent!) but it turned out fine.
We walked up the Spanish Steps again and headed to the Hard Rock Café for a good old Canadian meal. As much as I love a good spaghetti, pastry and pizza, the carbs here can get a little overwhelming. So we decided to share some chicken wings, spinach dip, chicken fingers and bruschetta for dinner tonight, it was so satisfying.
Afterwards we walked back to the hotel (working off dinner of course!)


Je eigen reisdagboek maken was nog nooit zo leuk!

Vertel je verhaal

Voeg verhalen toe aan het digitale dagboek en bepaal per hoofdstuk of je het openbaar wil maken of niet. De openbare hoofdstukken worden omgezet naar een mooie blog die je kunt delen met vrienden en familie.

Voeg foto’s toe

Maak je dagboek compleet door foto’s toe te voegen aan de verhalen in verschillende lay-outs. Grote foto’s, kleine foto’s, staande of liggende… Je vult het dagboek zoals jij dat wil.

Breng het in kaart

Naast foto’s kun je ook kaarten toevoegen aan je dagboek. Sleep pins op de kaart om je locatie aan te duiden of geef je hele reisroute weer. Zo kun je achteraf precies zien waar je geweest bent.