Koh Phi Phi


Okay so this might just be my favourite place of our entire trip!! Koh phi phi is everything you would picture Thailand to be!!
This morning we left at 8am to get on the ferry. A boat shuttle picked us up along with some others and dropped us off at the pier, it was pretty convenient. The ferry ride took a bit longer, about an hour and a half, we both took a nap. I had emailed our hotel the night before about a ferry shuttle but unfortunately they didn't respond in time. It was very overwhelming once we got off the ferry, there were men in your face trying to sell you things or give you a ride. We found a nicer man and asked him how to get to our hotel, he was very helpful and showed us on a map....I was adamant not to pay for a tuk-tuk. I took a picture of the map and we started walking. We ended up walking along the beach with our huge backpacks because it was easier to follow than the streets. After a few wrong turns and some questions asked, we found our hotel in no time.

I've immediately fallen in love with this island. The fact that there's no vehicles on it makes it feel so tropical. It helps that our hotel is right smack in the centre of everything. About a 2 minutes

walk from the beach or 5 second walk to all the little shops and markets, it's perfect.

We hopped in the pool before we decided to find a laundromat. We really wanted to find a "do it yourself" laundromat, as the thought of someone touching our underwear weirded me out. But, it's hard to find a place like that here. It's mostly places where they wash it for you, so we ended up not having choice. We paid a little extra to have it done by the end of the day.
We started to walk back to our hotel until I saw a sign saying "Viewpoint". I had read about it on the Internet and new it was something I wanted to see so we decided to do it. Little did we know, we were 100% not prepared. This ended being a 5km straight up hike. We clearly didn't realize this as we were wearing flip flops and bathing suits. I don't think I have ever sweat so much in my entire life, the farther away from the ocean, the more humid the air is. It literally looked like we had both taken showers. I don't think James was a little impressed that I made him climb the hike but i reassured him it was worth, and it definitely was! This view was incredible, you could see all the little islands that covered the ocean. It was beautiful, well worth all the blisters.
We hiked back down to stop at a 7-eleven for snacks. We've already noticed that this island is full of stray cats, it's a bit of a change from all the dogs.
As soon as we got back to our place we jumped in the pool as fast as we could! Then we decided to go for dinner. There are so many restaurants near us, but what did we decided to do? By a slice of pizza on the side of the street, but hey it was cheap! We walked around a bit before we went and picked up our laundry. This place comes alive at night. The streets fill up with people and the lights on a the little stalls light up the paths. I just love the entire atmosphere, everyone is so friendly, it's a hippies paradise.
All of the bars are right out our back step so we've decided to go get a drink tonight at one of the bars on the beach. And by a drink, I mean a sand pail bucket of booze for $3 dollars!


Je eigen reisdagboek maken was nog nooit zo leuk!

Vertel je verhaal

Voeg verhalen toe aan het digitale dagboek en bepaal per hoofdstuk of je het openbaar wil maken of niet. De openbare hoofdstukken worden omgezet naar een mooie blog die je kunt delen met vrienden en familie.

Voeg foto’s toe

Maak je dagboek compleet door foto’s toe te voegen aan de verhalen in verschillende lay-outs. Grote foto’s, kleine foto’s, staande of liggende… Je vult het dagboek zoals jij dat wil.

Breng het in kaart

Naast foto’s kun je ook kaarten toevoegen aan je dagboek. Sleep pins op de kaart om je locatie aan te duiden of geef je hele reisroute weer. Zo kun je achteraf precies zien waar je geweest bent.