Tip: create a baby journal for your child

Would you love to create a diary of your pregnancy, the birth and the days when your baby first saw the light of day? This is possible with our unique software, with which you are the writer and creative director of your own baby diary.

What were your first words when you saw your own child? What was it like taking your baby home for the first time? What were his / her first words? How did grandma react when she finally heard her grandchild's name? Those are moments you have to capture or they disappear into oblivion.

Capture your child's life with words and images

You can do it in words or with images. If you choose words, you can write your own diary. If you choose images, you can create a photo book. But what if you prefer to merge both? With Travel Diaries you keep a diary online, which you can print later with photos and empty spaces to stick for example the bracelet from the hospital.

Baby diary in our online editor

How do you create a baby diary?

1. Create an account

Start by creating a free account. You can then start immediately in your first online diary. From pregnancy, you can keep track of how your child grows, how the delivery is progressing and how your baby grows and develops after birth, on a daily or weekly basis. You can upload an ultrasound scan and photos and add them to the blogs. It is possible to keep your diary to yourself, but you can also share each chapter with friends and family as a blog - so they can experience the whole process.

2. Write, write, write

Create a fixed writing moment for yourself. Do you want to add a story to your diary daily or weekly? Determine this for yourself and make it a fixed moment. Before going to bed with a cup of tea, during your baby's afternoon nap or - for the true multitasker - during feeding. After a while it becomes a habit and even a necessity later on. You will find that there are many moments that are so precious that you cannot let them slip out of your hands. You immortalize them in words or images in your online baby diary, which you can print afterwards.

3. Design

The unique thing about this software is that you can design everything yourself. You can choose more than fifty different layouts and you can choose your own fonts and style options for your journal. You also choose where the photos will be and how big they will be. You can also leave boxes open where you can stick small mementos later. For example, the bracelet that your baby wore in the hospital, or the birth announcement.

4. Ordering

Of course, when all those stories, images, and memories are on your blog, you just want to be able to hold them in your hands and browse through them. You can order a printed copy of your baby diary with just one click on a button. From 40 pages you can have the memories printed for € 35.85. Then they are all together in one beautiful book with a hard or soft cover. Your baby will be forever thankful

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