Create your travel diary online, and have it printed

Are you going on a trip soon and do you want to record all your memories in an online travel diary? Then you have to start your own travel journal with Travel Diaries. Write stories, upload photos and create road maps. Print your travel diary to relive your adventures with a cup of tea while sitting on the couch.

Travel Diaries is the perfect tool to record your stories in a travel blog during or after your trip. You create a diary that you can never lose, and that you can share with friends and family on the go. During the trip you can also continue to work on your diary offline, thanks to the handy application.

What is Travel Diaries?

Travel Diaries was founded seven years ago by travel journalist Veerle Witte. She wrote travel stories for National Geographic, but missed a nice way to record her travel experiences herself. She came up with the Travel Diaries software, with which you can keep a travel diary online that you can print with just one click on a button.

Travel diary Greece in editor.

"With Travel Diaries, I wanted to develop a better way to capture travel memories. Photobook software often does not offer options to share, add road maps or write long, continuous texts. Blogs and apps do not always offer te possibility to order a printed book or has no creative freeom in its layout. "Travel Diaries brings the best of these two worlds together" says Veerle Witte.

After five years, the company grew organically into a start-up with 65,000 users. At that time, Transavia Ventures B.V. stepped in and made the company stronger by joining forces in a strategic way. In the following years, technical catch-up was made: an app was developed that allows users to also work on their travel diary offline. In addition, Travel Diaries was at 'De Vakantiebeurs' for the first time, where they brought this handy tool to the attention together with Transavia.

How does Travel Diaries work?

1. You create a free account here.

Now you have a travel profile and you are a real travel blogger. Don't be afraid, not everyone needs to be able to follow your journey. Is this blog only for private use or just for a few special people? Then you can set it like this. But if you want the whole world to enjoy your trip, don't worry that is also possible.

2. Add all the information about your trip

Upload photos and indicate your travel route. For each chapter you tell the story of your journey step by step. What did you do, where did you end up and what was special about that day? You can do it afterwards, but it is also nice to calculate a fixed moment during your trip where you write down all your adventures. In that way you don't forget anything. The application can also be used offline, so even if you are in the jungle in the middle of nowhere, you can still continue working on your online travel diary.

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3. Pimp your diary completely

You can choose from more than fifty different layouts and can adjust the fonts to your taste. You place the photos and route maps where you want them and you can insert empty areas to insert an entrance ticket or another nice souvenir later. Then you choose the most beautiful photo of the entire trip as a cover photo, so you can be sure that your travel diary will be unique.

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4. Order your diary now

Now of course you want to keep your own travel diary in your hands. It's nice to scroll through your adventures, but nothing beats browsing your own adventures with a cup of tea on the couch. You can have your diary printed from 40 pages. Prices start at € 35.85. Of course you pay a little more for a hard cover and the price increases per page that is added. You can also choose to receive your diary in PDF.

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They say coming home is the best part of traveling, but you know better now. The best thing about traveling is coming home, putting your feet on the couch and read your own travel diary. Memories that can never be lost are now right at your fingertips in your bookcase!

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