Day 2: Thailand the Bagnalls have arrived!

Bangkok Airport, 08/13/2019

The Dubai to Bangkok flight was 6 hours long and it went quite quickly actually! Before we knew it, we had landed in Thailand at 12:30pm. We grabbed our bags (thank god they arrived!) and headed into the city. We are staying at the Pullman G Hotel which is lush, bright white rooms with skyscraper views of the city. Hermione and I were so tired when we got to the hotel, having missed a nights sleep but that didn't stop us from heading out into the city to see what was going on!
First stop was food! We found a trendy modern eatery, Coffee Club. I had Pad Thai, so yum! And Hermione resorted to a power bowl (after struggling to find the translation for vegan).
Now with full tummies and a bit more energy, we walked up the entire

length of our road, Silom Road. We were instantly amazed by all the street food stalls, coconuts, chicken skewers, rice you name it, Bangkok was selling it on the streets!! And it was so hard to cross the roads, tut tuts, cars and mopeds flying around from all directions.
We found ourselves at Lumphini Park. It was kind of like Bangkok's version of Hyde Park. There were 100s of runners there, all doing a circular route around the park at different speeds and there was even a large outdoor zumba class, which HK obviously had to join in!
A large speaker echoed the national anthem and when this occurred, ALL the runners stopped suddenly to listen. On realising this, Hermione and I stopped walking too - we were the only people still walking!! The anthem ended, and everyone continued running! Hilarious! Next stop was Silom shopping centre, a busy place with a crazy food hall with foods that we had never even heard of. Matcha and charcoal ice-cream seems to be a bit of a delicacy, along with the classic soup thingy which looks like a broth with noodles and chicken? We decided against these cultural dishes (lol how unadventurous) and instead headed for MOM and SIS, a healthy lifestyle cafe. Hermione had a peanut butter and banana acai bowl and I had a berry smoothie before we headed back to the hotel for a much needed long sleep!!


A Trip of a Lifetime!



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