London Heathrow to Melbourne, 09/11/2017

It's the 11th of September and I am sitting at Heathrow airport. Tears are rolling down my flushed cheeks. I want to feel excited but I'm feeling too sad about leaving my family and friends behind.
My heart rate has returned to normal after a scare with my visa. "It expires Feb 2018," says the woman. After a phone call to the Australian border control and 5 minutes of panic that felt like an hour, it was confirmed. She was wrong and I was right - a year in Australia here I come!

I board the plane, a row to myself, ah yes! To watch a movie. I turn on

the small screen in front of me. "Baywatch!" starring The Rock and Zack Efron- this is going to be a gooood flight.
I slept through most of the journey between enjoying the plane's fine dining and watching the movie, we landed sooner than I expected and I was feeling good about my trip at last.

Hong Kong was a nice airport, behind the runway stood beautiful mountains and lakes, I began to feel excited about my return to Asia at the end of my trip. Another 12 hours later and the wheels hit Australian ground, I breathed a sigh of relief as the long journey was now over!

To arrivals! My Dad and Berry arrived to greet me and I gave them an excited hug and headed off into Melbourne. Driving through the city was interesting as we saw the tall buildings and artistic landscape around. We stayed in a little flat near the beach and I was thrilled to have a hot shower and a hot cup of peppermint tea.





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